Li Bin called on Weilai suppliers to withstand the pressure, ET5 is preparing for mass production

According to news on July 31, at the 2022 NIO Partner Day held on July 30, Li Bin, CEO of NIO, said that the original planned delivery of ET7 in July was a step up from more than 4,000 units in June. But NIO said the lack of castings has resulted in the production of thousands of vehicles less. Li Bin shouted at the scene, asking suppliers to withstand the pressure of delivery.

NIO launched the ES7, a new mid-to-large five-seat SUV based on NIO 2.0 technology (NT2.0) in June, to further enrich its product portfolio, with the first model deliveries starting in March this year. At present, some Weilai ET7 cars have to wait for several months.

As the first model of NIO’s second-generation technology platform NT2, the official guide price of ET7 is 448,000-526,000 yuan, and a model with a range of 1,000km will also be launched in the future.

The NIO ET7 has a maximum cruising range of more than 1,000 kilometers. It is equipped with a 150kWh solid-state battery. The whole system is equipped with intelligent air suspension and dynamic damping control as standard. It is equipped with 4D intelligent body control. The wind resistance coefficient is as low as 0.23Cd. 0km/h braking distance 33.5m.


In addition, the official also stated that the NIO ET5 is currently preparing for mass production and is expected to be delivered in September 2022.

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